Save Game glitch

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The Save Game glitch happens when you warp to another area before the spatula collection cutscene finishes. This can be done in a few ways. You must have autosave enabled for this glitch to work.

One way of getting this glitch is by dying after you get a spatula. For example in Jellyfish Fields, assuming Hans is disabled, you can jump down to the first spatula for COWA-BUNGEE! and drown immediately after.

Another way discovered in 2018 is to find a spatula in proximity to a gate (the Press R to go to next area prompt), then press R on the first frame you collect a spatula. You can use this for the Museum entrance in Rock Bottom[1] and for the Prawn spatula[2].

With the save glitch, all Hans-related kill planes are deactivated. For the R-trigger spatula save glitch, this skips the spatula animation to save six seconds of time. The save glitch is deactivated upon collecting another spatula.