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Move Point
Type Object
Object ID 0x0D
Games used Night of 100 Frights
Battle for Bikini Bottom
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer

This asset defines move points. Enemies usually have a few MVPT to move along. Platforms and other objects also refer to this asset.


MVPT are object assets, so they start with their 0x8 byte header, then are followed by:

Offset Type Description
0x8 Vector3 Position
0x14 byte Unknown, usually 0x27
0x15 byte Unknown, usually 0x10
0x16 byte Type: 0x00 for zone (can see you), 0x01 for move point
0x17 byte Unknown, usually 0x00
0x18 int otherAmount - Amount of children/siblings
0x1C float Movement Angle - will rotate around the point this amount, -1 means disabled
0x20 float Movement Radius - will circle around the point in this distance, -1 means disabled
0x24 float Detect Radius - will be able to see you from this radius (as in a sphere trigger), -1 means disabled
0x28 AssetID[otherAmount] Asset IDs of children/siblings MVPTs
- Event[numberOfEvents] Events - Do MVPT even have events?