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Type Object
Object ID 0x00
Games used Battle for Bikini Bottom
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer


Dynamics are object assets, so they start with their 8 byte header, then are followed by:

Offset Type Description
0x08 int Type - The subtype of this dynamic. Each Type is listed below and has its own page, where you can find its possible values for Version and format for Data.
0x0C short Version - The version of this dynamic. (Depends on the Type)
0x0E short Unknown - Always 0.
0x10 byte[] Data - The data for this dynamic. (Depends on the Type)


Types (BFBB)[edit]

ID Type Version Description
0xBB4864D8 game_object:BoulderGenerator 1
0x574749A4 game_object:bungee_drop 1
0x57CFB6F0 game_object:bungee_hook 13
0x8F012778 game_object:BusStop 2 Bus Stop for switching playable characters.
0x9092FB14 game_object:Camera_Tweak 1
0x85BFDF34 game_object:Flythrough 1 Widget for Flythrough.
0x8768334A game_object:NPCSettings 2
0x0934B196 game_object:talk_box 11 Instance of text box.
0xE9D2C1BB game_object:task_box 2 NPC talk box settings for specific playable characters.
0x4DC449FC game_object:Taxi 1 Taxi stops for warping to other levels.
0x70ADB7F9 game_object:Teleport 1 or 2 Teleport box.
0x442E1337 game_object:text_box 1 Text box style settings.
0x8B3E732F hud:meter:font 3
0x8D40B9AC hud:meter:unit 3
0xFF5691D2 hud:model 1
0x687ED0B0 hud:text 1
0x2196C135 pointer 1

Types (TSSM)[edit]

ID Type Version Description
0x94B8EF2D effect:Lightning
0x4AF4ABC7 Effect:particle_generator
0x2A59443A effect:Rumble
0x56F5D96F effect:Rumble Box Emitter
0x1337E641 effect:Rumble Spherical Emitter
0x9535DB9D effect:ScreenFade
0x0903FBB9 effect:smoke_emitter
0x6AA8BF67 effect:spotlight
0x5B1CC119 Enemy:SB Unused.
0xD2D6A1E5 Enemy:SB:BucketOTron Bucket-O-Tron enemy.
0x1F9D54BB Enemy:SB:CastNCrew Frogfish tongue spinner enemy and Dennis SpongeBob enemy.
0x45B73B62 Enemy:SB:Critter Jellyfish enemy.
0xCE41C144 Enemy:SB:Dennis Dennis boss.
0x11FCF451 Enemy:SB:FrogFish Frogfish boss.
0xC92170B2 Enemy:SB:Mindy Mindy, SpongeBob, and Patrick NPC.
0xBE8C5CAC Enemy:SB:Neptune King Neptune boss.
0x44EA147A Enemy:SB:Standard Fogger, Slammer, Flinger, Popper, Spinner, Mini-Merv, and Mervyn enemy.
0x495BFF9B Enemy:SB:SupplyCrate Supply Crate, Balloon Box, Supply Computer, Thunder Barrel, and Steel Safe.
0x9FEC1E09 Enemy:SB:Turret Turret enemy.
0xBB4864D8 game_object:BoulderGenerator
0x574749A4 game_object:bungee_drop
0x57CFB6F0 game_object:bungee_hook
0x8F012778 game_object:BusStop Port-O-Head for switching playable characters.
0x9092FB14 game_object:Camera_Tweak
0xE6120704 game_object:flame_emitter
0x85BFDF34 game_object:Flythrough Widget for Flythrough.
0x844BCF76 game_object:RaceTimer
0x4D81C1EE game_object:Ring
0x18028CA7 game_object:RingControl
0x0934B196 game_object:talk_box Instance of text box.
0xE9D2C1BB game_object:task_box NPC talk box settings for specific playable characters.
0x70ADB7F9 game_object:Teleport Teleport box.
0x442E1337 game_object:text_box Text box style settings.
0x4E09EC43 game_object:Vent
0x5E5B5165 game_object:VentType
0xB8DA553C hud:image
0x8B3E732F hud:meter:font
0x8D40B9AC hud:meter:unit
0xFF5691D2 hud:model
0x687ED0B0 hud:text
0x204D6ADB JSP Extra Data
0x4494F483 logic:Function Generator
0xF98698FF logic:reference
0x2196C135 pointer
0xFABDB3B3 Scene Properties
0x8C2D107D ui:box
0xE8753BAE ui:controller
0x337BCB31 ui:image
0x79F807C7 ui:model
0xBD7646D7 ui:text
0xFB50BACB ui:text:user string